Sunday, March 27, 2011

The rest of the Iowa trip

The rest of the trip to iowa....a quick photo recap Kennady and I. Dear Kennady, I hope you don't get the Dean family neck/chin thing. It's a curse. Love Aunt Angie. Brooke and Kennady. This was Sunday morning at my brother and sis-in-laws house. We spent the day/night there. My aunt Debbie and my cousin-in-law Jenny came up to visit us for a bit and go to lunch with us. Jenny is pregnant, having a girl, and looks gorgeous!! Jenny, Hannah, Debbie and me. Brooke was holding Kennady on the couch. Again. or still? After lunch, Uncle Ryan took us to the fire department he works for. On weekends it's volunteer staffed so we had the whole place to ourselves. The kids thought it was pretty awesome getting to check out all the stuff in the ambulance and the firetrucks. Uncle Ryan is pretty neat. The rubber gloves were a big hit for some reason. Brooke wearing Uncle Ryans gear, with Aunt Megan looking on.

Back at the house...we decided to let the kids burn off some steam in the backyard later in the day. They have nice BIG trees in their backyard. There was one that I thought looked good for climbing, not that I am going to climb it. Instead, here is a conversation between Matt and I.

Me: You should climb that tree?

Matt: Why should I do that?

Me: To show me you know how to be fun and spontaneous. Embrace your inner little boy.

Matt: (looking at Ryan) this one of those Triple Dog Dare moments?

Me: Just climb the damn tree you butthead. Show me you can do it. Be fun!

Matt: I'm going to hurt myself....

But look, he finally did it. Guess he has some fun and spontaneity in him after all :)

Another conversation:

Me to Ryan and Matt: Hey, stand next to each other and I'll take a picture of you guys. I think that is a tradition when we get together right?

Matt: Another one? Don't you have enough pictures of us together anyways?

Me: Just shut up and do it okay?

Them- Okay.

Me: Matt, you should cross your arms like Ryan, then you can be twinkies.

Ryan and Matt look at each other (below) and either mutter or telepathically communicate what they should do instead.

Uh huh. Stubborn boys.

They think they are so funny.

The rest of the day was just relaxing, playing, pizza eating, movie watching. We got up Monday morning and my dad and stepmom came up to visit us at Ryan's house for awhile in the morning and go to lunch. Then it was off to Great Wolf Lodge. We enjoyed some swim time, arcade time, sleep, Chik Fil A, and a stop at the Disney store before getting home on Tuesday.

It was a great little getaway! Thanks to all my family who hosted us, hung with us, and met up with us in Des Moines to see us! oxoxox

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