Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simple Sunday post

Ten thoughts and happenings from my corner of the world:
1. I have a sore throat

2. I painted lots of polka dots/spots/circles on my little ones bedroom walls this weekend. Pics of the new room to come soon.

3. Next year, tell me I should not order girl scout cookies

4. Do you think it's appropriate for a (1o yr old) kid to sit in church and play their DS with earbuds in, when they could go to an awesome kids service instead if they really couldn't stand to listen/participate in the regular service? Personally, I think it's rude.

5. My baby brother turned 27 today. Apparently as a gift, his kids gave him a run for his money. Welcome to parenthood little brother...enjoy the ride. And happy birthday.

6. Ran into an old friend today at Red Robin that I haven't seen or heard from for 10 years. Love moments like that. Running into someone I do NOT like, however, is never nearly as enjoyable :)

7. There is a consignment sale this coming weekend that I had planned on putting some clothes into that Hannah has outgrown. They have to be cleaned, hangared, and tagged by Wednesday afternoon. I have not even started. Can you say "screwed"?

8. We are going on our third Disney cruise in May. It's on the new ship, the Dream, that just had it's inaugural sailing in January. (we've been on the other two ships already). I've been working out some of the details of our trip, and let me tell you, all I've got on my brain right now is vacation.

9. We went to dinner at some friends' house tonight. Their 20-something daughter asked me if I had lost weight. I almost kissed her. :)

10. Last week, I was very busy being a mommy, a travel agent, a cake chic, a housekeeper, a decorator, and more. This week looks to include more of the same.

Make it a good one!

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