Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Women, an article

I've been slowly dragging all the stuff out of the spare bedroom/hannah's new room so I could move all her stuff in. That includes emptying the closet that has all sorts of stuff tucked away in it. I've found a few little treasures that I'll share with you over time, such as old college writings, the email that Matt sent to my parents asking for permission to marry me, etc. Lots of fun stuff!

One of the things I found was a folder full of magazine articles, newsletters and other snippets of information. I'm not sure why I started it, I'm guessing it has to do with the job I had when I first moved here. (I'll tell you about THAT another time!). In this folder was an article from Red Book magazine from August of 1999. I wanted to share some of the things from that article...

"All happy people are optimists. Optimism is a learned skill. Pessimists tend to complain; optimists focus on solving their problems."

Which are you?

The article also includes 19 strategies to make yourself happier. Tell me what you think:
1. Smile
2. Pretend to be happy (and you will start to feel happy)
3. Stand up straight (happy people even take bigger steps when they walk).
4. Think like an optimist (see quote above)
5. Never say "try"--optimists assume they will succeed.
6. Detox your mind...replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
7. Do things that engage your skills--tasks that challenge without overwhelming.
8. Fill your life with little things you love to do.
9. Avoid emotional vampires (people who criticize you/don't support you and complainers).
10. Rest. Amen.
11. Cultivate your spiritual side. (Go Jesus!!!)
12. Exercise (go zumba!!) - says aerobic exercise 20-30 minute long 4 or 5 times a week. surely we can do that, right team?
13. Learn from your elders
14. Reduce your stresrs....reduce the hassles in your life
15. Take charge of your time. Happy people feel in control of their lives.
16. Nurture close relationships. (I think I'm good at this!) "Those who enjoy close relationships tend to cope better with various life stresses..."
17 Take the long view
18. Volunteer
19. Laugh will reduce your blodd pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. May I suggest the movie "The Hangover" or "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" if you really get in a funk :)

Don't Worry, Be Happy my friends! Have a great day!

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Mom2ToriJo said...

Awesome article! It is so right-on too! I'm clearing out my "friend cupboards" (so-to-speak) and slipping away from my emotional vampires. It never fails that when I am rocking an awesome attitude I'll get a call from my friend 'draculina' and suddenly my happy-go-lucky mood is eliminated! Glad you posted this! Hope you guys are well! xoxo