Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spray this!

I told you I had an uncanny itch to spray paint something... I found a victim!

Hello ugly chair. Leftover from an old, donated-to-me-when-I-moved-to-Great Bend-to-be-a-youth-director-right out-of-college, dining room set. I gave the dining set and four chairs away years ago, but we kept two chairs for random purposes. One would be to stick at a desk in the spare bedroom for scrapbooking.

That would be this chair. Yuck.

We've been in the midst of a furniture switcherrooney the last few days because we bought a bedroom set from the neighbors for when Hannah moves to a big girl bedroom. Had to stick some of it in the spare/scrapbooking room. To make some space, we moved my little scrapbook desk and chair into the corner of our bedroom, where it will sit for a few months.

I love my bedroom and could not stand to have so much ugliness sitting in it.

Hello Krylon.

I sanded the chair down (a little bit, I didn't know we had a sander and my arm got tired).
Then I went to town with the spray paint. I did about two coats. Then I had to wait for it to dry so I could sand some spots and make it look a little "aged."

The fine print on the top of the can, if you can't read it, says it dries in 10 minutes or less.

Beautiful day so I sat on the patio.

I noticed how ridiculously dirty my feet got from being in the wet yard. Our neighbor waters way too much! Anyways, look at my gross toes. (I hate feet on anyone older than about 6 yrs old. Feet are gross.)

Apparently I was bored in the 10 minutes that I sat there. About 4 minutes into it, nearly 100 birds flew over. I thought for sure one of them was going to dump on my nice white chair. "Hey look Fred, A bullseye!!!"
fortunately none of the birdies did that. I snagged a picture of the stragglers, just to prove that I did indeed have this thought during the ten minutes.
Then I had "a moment." A reminiscent moment. Where I remembered what I used to do with spray paint in my hands.
bridge. south of town. a bunch of good girls late on a weekend. spraying the bridge (it was underneath RR tracks) with "I love _____" statements as well as "Jesus Loves You!". Graffitti for our guys and God. A bunch of good girls doing something illegal, we were jumpy as heck when we saw headlights! Ahhhh but the memories. Erin, Kristen?
Anyways! Spray paint. Graffitti. I had to take advantage. of course, hannah was napping and I'm not ballsy enough to do anything illegal anymore, so I had to settle for an "I Love MC" sprayed on the grass in the backyard. :) First time I've graffitti'd anything regarding Matt. and we've been married 11 years!

Finally my 10 minutes were up. I sanded the edges a little, and here is my completed chair. Now I kinda think I should do the desk to match!
No telling what my next project will be, but this was fun and it scratched the itch for a few minutes.
Don't forget to send me your pics of YOU in FRONT of the camera this week! :)


Cammie G. said...

Okay, I thought that was a hidden Mickey for a minute... Is there a 12 step program for that?!?! Looks great Angie!

Erin said...

Chair looks great! I think you should for sure do the desk! Very shabby chic!
and yes, I remember well the graffiti days...last time was night before I got married if I remember right?!