Monday, October 11, 2010

Cool Blog for Moms

I have a friend who has a sister in law.
Sister in law is a former teacher turned stay at home mom.
She is apparently also: a gifted blogger, very creative person, extremely organized, and a great resource. I just stumbled upon her blog via my friend's facebook the other day.

Go HERE to check it out. There are so many cool ideas on there.

Isn't blog world great? The number of ideas out there to be shared is amazing. I wish I kept better track of great ones that I come across! You click on a link, then click on a link on their page, then click on...and you end up in a whole world of great stories and ideas... but sometimes I forget to bookmark it or "follow" it... and never get back!

You should follow me or bookmark me before you lose your way too lol.

Anyways, thought you all might like this page. She's doing a cool giveaway right now, but all the ideas on her page are a treat in itself. I haven't even had time to look through it all.
Maybe I should go find an "organize your life" blog first, then when I master that, go back to this one!?

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