Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy Monday!

I'm on a blogging roll, folks, a blogging roll. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you know it's feast or famine around here!

I've got a little idea I want to do for at least the next few Mondays if I can remember to do so.

I want to get some pics of the mommy's up for the world to see.
We are usually behind the camera, are we not? I try to make a point of, on days I think I look alright, saying "take our picture!" because I want to be commemorated too! :)
I also try to hand the camera off and say "take our picture!" (of Matt and I or the four of us). Matt is usually grumbling "why do we have to do this all the time" and I sit there and wonder how does he think pictures of all four of us are going to happen otherwise? Duh.
Here are some examples of my efforts to get in front of the camera lately:
Matt came down for church the other night wearing the exact same color as me. I said "ooh! Take our pic, we're so cute!" He took our picture, and then promptly went upstairs to change his shirt!

Forced family pic at the Pumpkin Patch the other day!

Stinkerbell and I at the Pumpkin Patch!

So, I want to see some pics of you! My readers. I want you to hand the camera off to hubby and say "take my picture!" or "take a pic of the kids and me!". You don't have to be beautimous. Just smile for the camera! And if you are a hubby who reads this, well then, don't run from the camera! Give your wife a big ol "CHEESE" and then email the pic to me.
On Mondays for the next few weeks, I'm going to share these pics here on Worthwhile Moments. It will be fun. A peek into the life of some of my friends!
So. Get yourself in some pictures. (No this does not mean digging out last year's Christmas picture! Get in front of the camera this week!!!). Email me a pic or two, tell me a little about it! Then I will share them with the world, or my 25 readers...whatever, right!?
You can email me at
In the meantime, guess what I did today? I spray painted something. Whoohoo!! Stay tuned!

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