Monday, October 25, 2010

Mommy Monday

It's Monday...which means for a few weeks, this blog is going to share a pic of a Mommy in FRONT of the camera instead of always behind it! This week we have Jodi... mommy of Olivia and angel Logan. We are blog buddies but have had a few chances to get together, including going to the New Kids on the Block concert together. Wayyy fun.

She sent me this picture of she and Olivia on a slide recently at a pumpkin patch... and confessed that she's scared of slides. (She- the mom!). I think that's a little crazy but I guess we are all a little crazy sometimes right? :) Thanks Jodi for sending me the pic...

Now which one of you dedicated blog readers is going to be the star of next week's Mommy Monday? Tap tap tap.... McFly...anyone in there?
Have a great day!

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