Sunday, October 17, 2010

Redecorating Bug

Did you notice I changed the background on my blog?

I have the redecorating bug. That was one project that was actually within my budget :)

I have plans to do the girls' bathroom in a ladybug theme.

Hannah's future big girl room is going to be green and purple, with monkeys. This weekend we got a great deal on a bedroom set for her room from some neighbors. I had planned on letting her use Brooke's old stuff...which was my old stuff.... and it really had lived its life in this house. Now her new set is (almost) nicer than the new stuff we bought Brooke a few months ago..but oh well! Anyways, I've been slowly acquiring things for her room.

We really are feeling like we don't like our 650 thread count brushed cotton sheets. I'm thinking about selling them or turning them into curtains. Do you think you can turn sheets into curtains?

Ever since I saw this post I have had an uncanny urge to spray paint something. It's making me crazy. I even told the lady at the pumpkin patch the other day that next year they should paint their cat black for the season. Really I said they should put some semi-permanent hair dye on it...but I was thinking about spray paint :)

dude, i need an intervention, or some money to indulge in these projects!

I like our kitchen, but I even have an itch to redecorate it. It's so not in the budget with all the other things we have to do around here. And I'm not into antiques, but watching "American Pickers" is making me want to do something vintage in the kitchen! I have a vision of fun vintage "food" signs, etc. I got an uppercase living quote that says "A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen" and I keep envisioning putting it on a piece of glass that has a distressed wood frame (thinking old window-type look) to hang over our window.

If I can just hold on...maybe doing Christmas decorations in a few weeks will help cure the itch for now!? :)


Jodi said...

I've got the redecorating bug as well. I'm trying to find a new comforter set/curtains for our bedroom because ours is about 10 years old. I cannot find one that I like, though. It's so frustrating. And...I wish we had the money to do all this too. :)

Erin said...

oh yeah you can use sheets for curtains. Or how about a comforter cover if you like the look of the sheet. My mom has been buying sheets for years to sew with. They are cheaper and often times heavier than fabric.