Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cutting Costs

This post may be rated "TMI" ...too much info... but it's based on a conversation I had with a friend and I thought it was funny. Because it was sooo true. If you think it's funny, it's probably true for you too! :)

So a fellow Hawker wife and I were talking about what the new contract may hold for us. Pay cuts? What will we do to help cut costs in our homes to accomodate for that?

I said "Geez. I already get most of my clothes at Walmart and Target. My underwear all has holes in it. How much more cost cutting do I need to do?"

She laughed and said "Oh I hear you me too!"

I said "no seriously. Sometimes I pull a pair out of the drawer and wonder if there is enough left to handle even a pantyliner!"

She said "I wonder if it will hold together once I rip the pantyliner back out!"....

LOL... I laughed and laughed. Because it's true.

We went on to discuss bras. I'm in desperate need of some new ones, but I've refrained...because I typically buy Victoria's Secret bras. Let me tell you, there isn't room in the budget for any Vicky's right now. I'm starting to think my girls might hit my knees before I can splurge on a few new Vicky's. This is a sad state of affairs.

We are not destitute by any means. We don't really even have much debt. But when I think of how I hate to splurge on such things now (I'll spend the money on the girls, but I feel like there's not room in the budget to splurge for me), I wonder what it will be like if things really get tight!!

So.... you waltzing through life with holes in your panties too? :)

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