Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Recipe/New Product review

Went grocery shopping today. As I pondered this week's cheese purchase, I saw a new product. Kraft Fresh Take.

It's kind of like a shake-n-bake with kraft cheese in it. The price was not too bad, and they had a variety of flavors. I decided to give one a try. I chose this one:

When I went to prepare dinner this evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see how ridiculously easy this made meal time. I had some chicken breasts thawed out, so I pounded them out so they were thinner and a more even thickness. (I hate waiting for big fat chicken breasts to cook in the oven). This Kraft Fresh Take packet is actually a big bag that is sealed, and inside are the pockets of cheese and seasoned bread crumbs. You open the big bag, and unseal the little packets inside so the cheese and crumbs can blend together in the big bag. Then you add your chicken one at a time and shake it up. Spread it on a sprayed cookie sheet, and sprinkle some of the extra on top as well.



While it appears we had a very monochromatic meal, I am pleased to announce that it was delish! We gobbled it up. Well, we being everyone but Hannah who just likes ABC's with meatballs. Brooke loved it. Matt thought it was yummier than our visit to try out Buffalo Wild Wings last night. I was pleased not only with the flavor, but with how easy it was. I'm anxious to try some of the other flavors.

Note: Kraft didn't ask me to review this product. I just bought it and thought I'd share my opinion with you. I wish Kraft knew me and supplied me with freebies, because I spend a lot of money on cheese in this household. That being said, they do not, and yet, I still liked this product. Have a great day!

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