Sunday, January 22, 2012


I've been hearing from some friends on facebook how fabulous the movie "Courageous" is.

It's from the creators of the movie "Fireproof."

"Fireproof" was a powerful Christian movie about firemen, marriage, commitment, etc. It was really a great movie.

But 'Courageous.'

This movie was about fatherhood. Though, really, you could broaden a lot of the spectrum to parenthood in general. It was about four cops and another friend...and their struggles as fathers, their desire to be the dad that God intended them to be. It was about turning regret into something bigger, better....about learning from it and growing from it.

I gotta tell ya....this movie wrenched your heart out one minute, and had you laughing the next. I had a headache from trying so hard not to bawl my head off, and yet felt my heart swell at the poignant sweetness of other moments. There are a few movies out there that touch you deep within your heart.... this is one of them.

Check out the trailer here. Seriously, check it out.

Go get it from a redbox or buy it at Walmart. Get some popcorn, mm's, and kleenexes.

It'll make you look at parenthood in a whole greater light. You'll be sitting closer to your spouse on the couch by the end of it, and checking in to give the kids one more kiss on your way to bed.


Aunt Debbie V said...

I am going to have to insist we watch this movie. We've looked at it several times in On Demand, but I am the worlds worst at picking out movies, so nobody ever goes with my picks anymore!!! I will give everyone your review next time we're looking for movies :-)
Aunt Debbie V

Megan said...

I really really really really wanna see Courageous! I've heard it's amazingly good! With my terribly sleeping baby girl, we literally haven't seen any movies since her arrival 17 months ago. one of these days......