Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Week in Pictures

I take a lot of pictures on my iphone. Usually of cakes or things I want to post to facebook (though, for some reason, I am having trouble doing that from the phone lately!). I take a lot of other quick shots of things too, like my kiddos.

Today, I bring you my week in pictures as seen thru the camera on my phone.

Sunday morning we went to Lowes. I think we had to get grass seed or something. We have started attending church on Saturdays now which is great because it makes for a relaxing, easy Sunday free to fill however we wish. When we go to Lowes, both girls usually feel that Matt needs help with the cart:

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday. Nearly 90 degrees! About the time we put the kids to bed, a cold front came in. It was like flipping the air conditioner on MaxCool in the car, the temp dropped so fast and there was quite a lightning show (and tons of wind!). I took some better pics on my regular camera, but when Matt said "come check out this lightning!!!!" I initially snapped some shots on the phone.

I have been in mega crafting mode lately, much to the neglect of my house! I've got several different projects going, which makes me have A.D.D. It's been a quiet two weeks on the cake and the travel front, so it's been a good time to get these projects started. I'll tell you all about them later when they get done, but here's a peek of the one I started on Monday. It was a good way to spend the afternoon of a day that was THIRTY FIVE degrees COLDER than the day before!

Monday we started swimming lessons. It is the first time Hannah has taken them, but Brooke has been doing them for a few years. So far, both girls are doing great! Hannah was pretty excited!

If you know Brooke you know that this is not her most enthusiastic smile. She was nervous because at the time this picture was taken, we had been told that her teacher was named Cody. Which to me, is a boy. She did not want a boy teacher. About five minutes later we found out that Cody was in fact a girl, which became irrelevant anyways because Brooke ended up in Victoria's class. Brooke is in the "big pool" this session which she's also nervous about. She is pooped out at the end of a 30 minute lesson!

Oh how things have changed for me the last four months. BBB....Before Big Bed. Before Big Bed, Brooke would get up in the morning and do her thing while she waited for me to get up. We'd have a quiet, easy breakfast, get ready for school. Sometimes Hannah would wake up, but since she was in her crib, I'd just leave her in there till I got Brooke on the bust at 840.

Then, three or four months ago, Hannah decided (pretty much overnight) that she was DONE with the crib and ready for her Big Bed. We didn't even have the Big Bed Room ready yet. Now, she wakes up about 715 a.m. And heads downstairs to watch TV with Brooke. And screams and fights with Brooke which wakes me up. And if that doesn't wake me up, she usually shows up shortly after my alarm goes off at 7:22. She comes into my room while I am trying to talk myself into getting out of bed. She is either a) ready for her grilled cheese, b) naked because she had to go potty and decided she was ready for me to get her dressed or c) tattling on Brooke.

BBB I did not have to get her dressed, with shoes, and jacket. BBB I did not have to take her to the bus stop with us. BBB I did not then have to walk over to the neighbors house after the bus came so she could say hi to the dogs. Not now. SBB (since big bed), Hannah usually goes to the bus stop with us. Some mornings are easier than others. This particular morning (weds), was alright. She really does love walking to the bus stop in the morning. This particular morning, she decided to wear her sunglasses. They are upside down.

Today Hannah was at Mom's Day Out. After I worked out with the neighbor, I came home to move some totes around and take a shower. By moving totes around, I mean taking 10 totes full of clothes that Brooke has outgrown, hauling them down one by one about 20 steps. Then dragging them one by one up a tall ladder to put them in the loft in the garage that Matt built recently.

Since I did not die while performing that task, I ran a few errands and bought some fabric for one of my other craft projects this week. I set myself up in the basement, put "Couples Retreat" in the bluray player, and started working on my thing. I'll show it to you later too. It's not done yet. Close, but not quite. I am not much of a seamstress.... not nearly as good as my Mom or my MIL, but my little project is coming along alright at least!

And I didn't get a picture of this, but after I made dinner, I moved a bunch of the stuff that has been displaced SBB (since big bed) and started getting the nursery-turned-craft/spare room put back together. I've got a ton of stuff to organize up there!!

I think it's safe to say that it has been a busy week!

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