Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebrating Brooke

We celebrated Brooke's birthday this weekend. Twice! Here is her picture on her birthday before she got on the bus. She was born at 709a.m. and this was taken about 839a.m. So not too far off schedule. lol

I took her requested birthday treats to school: chips, rice krispie treats, and Capri Suns.

Then after school, we had our friends the Houser's over for dinners. They have been good friends of ours for years and Brooke just ADORES them, however, the boys are getting a little too big to really enjoy coming to a little girls' birthday party.

Brooke and Greg

Brooke with all three Houser kids. Laura is a first year teacher getting ready to go to law school next year. If my kids turn out half as awesome as she is, we will have done well!

Grandma and Hannah, waiting for some chocolate chip cookie dough filled birthday brownies.

(Brooke does not like cake!)

Saturday, I took Brooke and three of her friends out for pedicures, lunch, and Orange Leaf (frozen yogurt).


All finished!!!

for lunch we went to Taco Bueno. They decided sitting on this big ol rock afterwards would be a good photo op.

The four girls finishing up the fun day at Orange Leaf, our favorite frozen yogurt place. (actually, our favorite any-frozen-treat place. We'll pick this over DQ, Braums, Sonic...anyday!)

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