Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beach Bum

I am a beach bum.

I think my kids are too.

I do not feel like I've been on vacation if it does not include sand between my toes, or at least some palm trees by the pool. (Because, we all know I consider WDW a fab vaca too). When we talk about what we want to do for our 2012 vacation, we toss around a variety of ideas. But I always come back to the beach. I want to go to wherever there is a beach.

And I'm not talking one of those beaches by some big lake in the middle of the midwest that is covered with goose poop. A pretty beach, with sea shells, and a tide, and an ocean. or a gulf. I think this comes from having family in Sarasota, FL and going there several times when I was growing up. I LOVE Sarasota. And I think it's very strange/sad/so unlike what I would do/ that my Sarasota family rarely goes to the beach?! Helllooo! GO! And so today, I share with you some beach pictures. So we can all take a mental vaca. Thank you for going on this trip with me. :)

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