Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Shower

You know, when I write my blog posts, I put several spaces between paragraphs. Then half the time, when I publish it, it all gets squished together. Why is that? Anyone know?

See...like there should be a space here. Just thought I'd post a little quickie on a baby shower we threw for Brooke's teacher in the classroom.

It was her 3rd boy so it was mostly a diaper shower, with some other cute things thrown in.

I did a chocolate cake filled with strawberry creme and iced with buttercream/fondant decorations. It was yummy.

Our school mascot is the spartans, so we thought this would be cute. I love my little fondant apple on the onesie.

Then I made these cute little lifesaver pacis. They are glued together with almondbark. Usually I would use the white/mint lifesavers so then you can't see the "glue" but I thought the kiddos would like the regular lifesavers better. I put them on ribbons to make them necklaces. They were the little "party favors" for the kids in the class.

We opened gifts, had our cake, and the kids enjoyed seeing Mrs. Miller. It all went pretty good! And the baby is a little sweetie!

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