Saturday, March 27, 2010

Water Bottle Winner

I'm just sitting down after a crazy day of Brooke's Birthday Party. I have to say, it went off quite well :) Yeah me! I knew I had to have those kids playing games the full first hour, before we ventured into gifts and cake, and finally, the TREASURE HUNT that the entire party was centered around. The treasure hunt was great fun and I'm so glad everything went well. It would have been better to be outside, but we moved things around in our basement and made plenty of space for the party!

Now before I go park my butt on the couch to watch a movie with Matt and eat another piece of cake, I thought I'd announce the winner of the cute water bottle....

It is CAMMIE!!! Cammie is a friend of mine that I met in Mothers and More, and she is also one of my fellow Disney nuts! I've had the pleasure of booking TWO vacations for them (both Disney). She's also my Uppercase Living consultant if anyone needs any of that nifty stuff. Congrats Cammie, on being selected by my totally non-scientific, albeit completely random, winner selector! Get in touch with me to get your prize!

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Cammie G said...

Woo hoo! How exciting! And it's my anniversary so SCORE! ;) If you want, I can come by and pick it up on my way home from Yoga on Weds. night.