Friday, March 5, 2010

LSE Days

Do you ever have LSE Days? do you know what LSE is?

Low. Self. Esteem.

Do you have days where yours seems to be dipping pretty low on the esteem barometer? Ugh. Those days suck.

I think I had a mini one recently, or I'm on the brink of one or something.

LSE days are days when you feel like you haven't got a friend in the world. You are full of self-doubt. You wonder if you are a priority to anyone, besides the kiddos?

When things that normally wouldn't cause you to blink an eye bother you. Things like a friend saying they can't get together this weekend for a playdate.... normally it would be no big deal but on an LSE day you think it is because maybe they don't WANT to spend time with YOU?

You feel fat, old, and ugly on LSE days. You look in the mirror and wonder if a facial would fix all the problems you see there. Then you look in your makeup bag and sigh when you realize you're desperately low on a key-face-item.

You find more grey hairs on LSE day than on a normal day.

You wonder if you are a good enough wife, mother, friend, person. You wonder if anyone misses you today. You wonder if your friends would even notice if you didn't chat for a week. You try to figure out of the dissolution of old friendships is all your fault.

Thank God LSE days do not come around too often. They suck.

**disclaimer.... LSE is not to be confused with PMS. LSE is melancholy, PMS is bitchy!**
**disclaimer come back again.... I promise to be in a better mood next post!**


Michelle said...

I think we all have these days, and they come and go without rhyme or reason. Hope today is a better one for you!

wdozier said...

I agree with your friend Michelle. We all have those days and they suck. Just try to remember you have lots of people who love and care about YOU!!!