Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Reader Poll Thursday

I decided today that I would post a little question/poll for my readers to answer. I want to know what you are thinking on the other end of this computer!

Simply click the little word "comments" below this post and leave a comment answering this question. Just because I'm curious!

We'll keep it simple for this first time (and that's not to say I will remember to do this every Thursday either. Hence the word random).

What is your favorite movie?

I have lots but right now the one in the top spot is "Couples Retreat." Except that it makes me desperately want to take a trip to BoraBora / Tahiti.

Looking forward to hearing your favorites!
Scroll down to see a then-and-now Disney post. I really liked this post and was impressed with myself for coming up with these picture combos ;)


Marcy said...

So you would recommend Couple's Retreat? I wanted to rent it but the critique on Dish PPV was so low I couldn't convince Merv. Tell me it's funny!

My favorite is ... a tie between Ever After and Pride and Prejudice. I can't ever decide which of these two sappy/silly romantic movies is my favorite but they both endure at the top.

Marcy said...

P.S. Love the layout. I wasn't sure you could tear yourself away from Christmas. It had to be hard!