Monday, March 29, 2010

Evolution of a Birthday Party

Every year for Brooke's birthday, the weather is a factor. We usually hold our breath and hope it isn't either raining or too windy. We've had a few nice days around her birthday party day, but the day OF the actual event, we've rarely gotten super lucky. Last year I decided "We're not having a party next year. We're going to Great Wolf Lodge and hopefully some other families will go with us and we'll just buy them dinner for coming along!"
And then, Brooke decided several months ago that she wanted to have a Treasure Hunt at her Birthday party. She was totally convinced she'd be inviting a bunch of friends, and one way or another we were going to have a TREASURE HUNT.

Kind of took away the whole Great Wolf Lodge party idea. And you can't have a treasure hunt at the Bowling Alley. So once again, the party was going to be here at our house.

Forecast for the day: cold with a chance of storms. Translate: Party INSIDE. Matt was sweating it because I let her invite about 15 kids (a bunch of kids from class and her cousins). I wasn't sweating it because I knew that a) not all the kids would come, b) we would re-arrange the basement so that the TV was blocked from hands and flying bodies, and c) I was going to run this party like a well oiled machine.
That I did. We had games/activities for the first hour or more. Then we did presents, cake, and the treasure hunt (which all the kids loved). By the time all was done, there was 15 minutes left to pick up and I had a Pirate book to read to them. It all went well. Matt should never underestimate me :)
Here are some pics from the festivities:
The day started with a balloon delivery from Grandma Jenn and Papa Brad:

Brooke wanted a pirate costume, so grandma Anne made one for her and one for Hannah. Hannah's picture was taken right after her (short) nap and she hadn't quite adjusted to the crowd yet!

Party fun, we did Pirate Trivia, Bean Bag Toss, Pirate Pirate Who's Got Me Gold?, Walk the Plank, Limbo, and Pin the X on the Map.

Gift opening

Cake time! Look at that AWESOME cake :)

The Treasure Box, made from a cardboard box

The treasure hunters

The whole gang
I think everyone had fun! Thanks to Matt, Gma, Gpa, Dustin, Kacy, and Kristi for helping me keep it all running smoothly!


tke said...

Awesome, Angie! I love the costumes and you out did yourself with that cake! Are you (or your MIL for that matter) for hire?

Marcy said...

That party looks great! You did such a good job with the theme idea, I love the games (I think renaming limbo to something involving booty would have been fun, but maybe not age appropriate?)! And while all your pictures are great, the one of Matt & Hannah eating cake is adorable.

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