Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colorful Cupcakes

In keeping with the Birthday series, I thought I'd show you the cupcakes we are having tomorrow night for Brooke's actual birthday (since I've already made one big cake, I didn't want to do another!). Tomorrow will be a little Ode to our birthday girl, but in the meantime....

Did you know that if you mix up a box of white cake mix, divide it into four bowls, add a different color food coloring to each of those bowls, and then put one tablespoon-or-so of each color into a cupcake you get this:

Rainbow cupcakes! I saw these somewhere and thought they were cute, so we made them tonight.

I didn't get too fancy with the decorating. Buttercream and sprinkles. Tomorrow's all about the presents anyways, right?

Coming after the Birthday festivities, a yummy recipe with a sweet story to it!

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