Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tidbit Tuesday

Today's post is just going to be a bunch of random tidbits about my family and I. Nothing too earth shattering, just fun little facts. We won't include body weight or anything terrible like that!

Angie's Tidbits:
I am an Iowa girl.
I am a Mexican food lover. Taco Pizza is even my favorite pizza.
I spend too much time on facebook/playing Bejeweled.
I love love love random acts of kindness. I just love to do small things to make people happy.
I love to read smutty romance novels, though I have branched out to the Janet Evanovich books and the Twilight books- neither of which have much smut.
I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that my favorite hobby is baking.
I have to sleep at least with my feet covered. Even if I'm hot, I have to have at the very least, one foot under the blankets. It makes me feel safer. Because I'm sure a sheet would save me from the boogey man.

Matt's Tidbits (and my ambien is starting to kick in so this could get interesting).
Matt is exhausted/wiped out /burnt out from work and working on his pilot's license. He's sooo close to be signed off to do his check-ride, he just has to make it a little further. But he's just tired. It is not fun for anyone. Thank goodness we've got a 4 day weekend.
I'm not sure what kind of food is Matt's absolute favorite-- he does love a good burger, and he also loves chinese food.
Matt does not have a love/hate relationship with my baking hobby. He just loves it.
Matt has a better pillow than mine. So as soon as I shove him out of bed at 345, I promptly move said pillow to the middle of the bed for the last 3 hrs of my sleep!
Matt has long skinny toes. Just in case you wanted to know.

Brooke's Tidbits:
I can't figure out what is going on with her on her clothing. Here i thought we were all set, and she must have grown like an absolute weed because I'm having to get her more pants/jeans. And now i look at our long sleeved/sweatshirt stock, and a lot of those are too short too! I might have to buy her some clothes for christmas even though I already spent way more than we should have!
She has really reconnected with her creative side lately and loves sitting at the table creating all sorts of things with scissors, paper, glue, markers.
I hear her trying to sound out a word she sees, and it makes my heart happy.
The girl is a major wimp when it comes to hair tangles/getting her hair done.

Hannah's Tidbits:
Finally popped through another tooth!!! Number 11, another front bottom one. There is hope! I think we'll see another one real soon as she's got all her usual teething symptoms going on.
Getting pretty opinionated on whether or not she is going to put on shoes or a coat!
Very inconsistent eater. Some days, she'll eat a whole yogurt for brkfast. Other days, maybe 2 bites. Same with dinner; sometimes she'll eat mac and cheese or spaghetti, sometimes she won't.
Getting much better with her words, she says: juice, shoes, hair, ow, no, help, snack, MM's, bowl, please, door, car, dadda, momma, papa, gama, eyes, cake, night night, more, baby, hello, hi, bye, thank you, done, up, hoho, dog, meow, book, cheese. I'm sure there are others I just can't think of anymore of them right now!

I'm off to bed for now. Tour de Christmas and a giveaway coming soon!

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