Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Giveaway!!

Happy busy-preparation-for-Thanksgiving Day to everyone!

If you are travelling this holiday weekend- I wish you very safe (and sane) travels!

I wish I could have giveaways as awesome as but I'm just not that cool, I don't have sponsors, and I don't have the money! However, I'm going to try to do some small fun ones around here just to keep ya coming back for more.

Lean in real close to your computer and take a big sniff. Can you smell this?

It is a medium-jar (burn time 65-90 hours) from Yankee Candle in the Home for the Holidays scent. It is one of my favorite candles to burn this time of year.

And since I know that most of you are going to be really cranking out the Christmas decor and spirit now that Turkey day is about over, I'm going to give one lucky winner this candle. Then your house can smell as fabulous as your Christmas decorations will look.

Valid in the continental US only, void where prohibited. heehee

To enter this fabulously scented contest, just leave a comment answering this question:

What is your favorite holiday tradition, old or new? Is there something that you've carried on to your family from your own childhood? Is there something you decided to start last year?

Christmas Eve we always go to church, then come back to our house to eat, and watch "A Christmas Story." I think I've been doing that since at least junior high, and we do it here now. I even call the church around the corner to see what time their service is, just in case the weather is bad and we can't get to our own church!

We also started a tradition several years ago where we make reindeer food, and sprinkle it around the house on Christmas Eve day. Matt and Brooke (and now Hannah) do the sprinkling, and I photograph. It is made with oatmeal, colored sugars, and some glitter (so that it is reflective, and the reindeer can see there is food at this house and be sure to stop!). Brooke loves doing it, and it's a fun little activity to keep us entertained as the excitement builds on that day!

So...what's your tradition?

Entries will be taken until Black Friday at noon. Winner will be randomly drawn from a hat. Tell your friends to make a stop at LittleWorthWhileMoments for their chance to win too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


wdozier said...

Yea, I'm first!

We started a new tradition when we had kids and moved into our new home (I guess around 2004).
Every year my husband, kids and I go downstairs in our PJ's, make hot chocolate and popcorn, and watch The Polar Express. I think it is such a beautiful movie with a great message of believing in the magic of the season and Christmas.
I look forward to it every year!!

www.SugarSpiceDesigns.Com said...

Every year on Christmas Eve we read "The Night Before Christmas". The book is the same one that my grandma read to my mom and that my mom read to my sister and I. It's very tattered and old, but hold lots of great memories.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Anonymous said...

We don't really have any traditons, but we are starting the Elf on the Shelf and I think the kids will love it. We do always put them in PJ's and go look at lights at least a couple times during the season!

Cynthia Nodland said...

Our tradition at my Mom and Dad's is to eat a big noon dinner,open presents from youngest to oldest (which takes a while now that there are 14 of us) and then play board games. I love my family!!

Michelle said... seems we're pretty mellow, tradition-wise. We do watch "A Christmas Story" at least once in the few days before Christmas. As for a new "tradition", we're going to use a real tree this year. I think my family only tried this once or twice when I was growing up and I remember lots of bad words about watering the tree and needles dropping. Hopefully our experience will be more positive! At the least, I'm looking forward to that nice pine scent floating through the house!

Elizabeth Nolte said...

Hey Angie! I'm loving your blog :) I just had a couple of minutes of quiet while the kids are STILL sleeping and thought I'd check you out...Happy Turkey Day! Our tradition starts on Christmas Eve. Once we have all of the kiddos loaded up to go to church, I "forget" something, run inside and put out new pjs and notes from Santa, and then when we get enjoy an amazing service, come home, and have the kids flip out 'cause Santa stopped by. The note usually says something about "stopping by to make sure you all had tidied up your rooms and baked cookies for my midnight snack." It sets the stage for our traditional reading of The Night Before Christmas, the sprinkling of reindeer food, and the snuggles in our new pjs. We also make a Baby Jesus Birthday Cake every year. I LOVE the holidays and now with seven kids to enjoy it with, this year will be one of the best! Merry Christmas everyone!

Toye said...

Carring on a Wheatley family tradition. We always have a Christmas morning brunch. I make Crab quiche, sausage casserole, cream cheese squares and hen some fruit and stuff. The adults have mamossa's (pretty sure I spelled that wrong). the niegbors always come and the kids play with all the toys that they opened that am.
Then I nap!