Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here's something we haven't discussed before...!

So I debated about posting this but I thought it was interesting (and okay, kind of comical). The men in your world might love me for this post.

I was driving home the other night from some retail therapy, and I was listening to Kim Iverson on the Buzz. I don't really like her, I think her show does not have appropriate content for younger listeners, and sometimes I think she is full of it. But she had a guest on the show- Dr. Rebecca, that was talking about all the health benefits of sex. It was pretty interesting....

She says you should have sex every 36 hours- Yikes-- here's why:

1 To prevent H1N1. According to a Wilkes University study, people who have sex one to two times a week have 30% higher antibodies to fight off the flu. Imagine if you followed the 36 hour plan-all you would have to do is to breathe on your friends and they would be cured.
2 It’s better to peak than to leak. Regular intercourse with or without an orgasm improves bladder control by toning the pelvic floor muscles. Say goodbye to the soggy drawers and floors with the 36 hour rule.
3 Keep it up! Don’t let it blow up, referring to the prostate gland. The National Cancer Institute report reveals a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer when a man has 21 orgasms a month compared to 4 to 7 a month. The 36 hour plan has you covered.
4 Its heart smart. A University of Bristol study showed men who had sex two or more times per week decreased their risk of heart attack and stroke by 50 percent. Keep the lub-dub going.
5 To protect your bones. Yes, I did say bones. During and after sex, the hormone testosterone increases and builds up bone mass which decreases the risk of osteoporosis.
6 Women earn a cookie by giving up theirs. During a 15 minute sex session you can burn 100-150 calories. So, shake it up baby!
7 Frequent sex increases longevity. According to Realage, 100 orgasms a year adds 3-8 years to your life span. So, have more sex, so you can live longer, so you can have sex longer.

I wonder if I can find somewhere that says that just taking a multi-vitamin every day would have the same effects :) -- That seems so much easier and less time consuming-haha!

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Michelle said...

Funny! As if my husband needs more reasons to be interested in sex! I like your idea of the vitamin, though...