Friday, November 6, 2009

All kinds of Friends

I'm feeling very sappy today.

Those of you who know me well know that I am just kind of a sap in general, but today I'm having a "do you know how much I love you?" kind of day. I bet if Matt gets wind of that he'll be having high hopes... but wait-- my mother-in-law reads my blog so I better not go any further with that sentence! hee hee. But hey- did you know that I think your son has a cute tooshey? He does. Good job ;) lol

Back to being a sap ;)

I love my friends! I think living several hours away from all of my side of the family has made me treasure friends more than ever. I yearn to be with people who love me, and I miss the closeness I had with my cousins growing up, etc. I was just sitting here thinking about all the different kinds of friends we have, and how friendships ebb and flow over time.

There is Jill. One of my oldest, most precious friends ever. We never get to see each other nearly as much as I would like, but we always pick up right where we left off. We love being nostalgic and reminiscing together, and we love talking life-right-now stuff together too. We can be silly and serious. She definately defines the "old friends are best friends" kind of role.

There is Debbi. The light of my life in friendships the last few years. I found her through our kids being in preschool together, and God gave her to me at just the right time. As I struggled with changes in other friendships, ours blossomed quickly and I love her with all my heart. I can talk to Debbi everyday, and wish our busy lives allowed us to do more together! She is a great "BFF."

There is Kaci. I suppose technically she is family, but I'm stuck with her in that realm. I'm not stuck with her as a friend though, I've chosen her. It took many years to finally figure out that we really do connect, and in the past few months, I've been thinking "gee that was dumb. look at all this time we've missed!" I think we're both filling a good spot in each other's life and I'm so glad we have gotten there!

There is Angela, Jennifer, and Erin. All friends whom I have been extremely close to at different times in my life. All friends who I still call my friends. All people who I know, in a heartbeat, we'd do whatever the other needed. Our lives spin in different circles right now, some due to geography, some just because of life, but they are the kind of friends that even when you're randomly in contact, you know that you still share a spot in each other's heart somewhere and you can always pick right back up!

There is Wendi. Tracy. Michelle. My newest of friends I suppose you could say. Michelle is an old friend of Matt's and a new one of mine. She has a new job so we don't get to chat on FB as much anymore, so we need to fix that. Wendi and Tracy are mom's from Brooke's kg class. We've chatted a lot and I like them both. It will be fun to see where those friendships go. As with everyone, they'll either love me or think "enough already!" :) I always say you can't have enough girlfriends, and I'm sticking to that philosophy.

I'm blessed to have a lot of friends, and I try everyday to make sure I am a good one to everyone. I remember in college having several girlfriends I was really close to. At that time I was struggling with being single, and God finally showed to me that He wanted me to just focus on being a great FRIEND to many women, that was what He needed me to be. And I think I've done pretty good being a good FRIEND. I hope each one of my friends, not just the ones above but the many others, do know how much I cherish them. God brings people into our lives for so many reasons, and I'm thankful for each and every one of the girlfriends He has given me!



Debbi said...

Ahh, aren't you sweet! No one's ever called me the light before. ;)

Michelle said...

Oh! What a sweet post (and I'm glad to hear someone else has sappy days!). We'll have to figure something else out for FB chatting...I'm usually around some in the evenings. Hugs for you!

www.SugarSpiceDesigns.Com said...

Oh Angie - you just made me cry! Love you and miss you!