Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just a bunch of pictures

I've been in a picture-taking mood lately and thought I'd post a bunch here. I've got bread going in the bread machine, meat thawing for Steak Soup, kiddos down for a nap, Matt gone to review stuff with his flight instructor, and Twilight playing on the new TV. The couch is calling my name!

My girls and I!

Matt and I!

Wrestle-mania 2000. Here the girls are trying to "tickle" daddy.

Here they are bouncing on him. He is protecting his ear. It's really
funny when he starts trying to protect other parts.

Look at all that hair!
I took a bunch of pics around 4p.m. the other day when the sun was
going down. The lighting was awesome!

Playing outside in her playhouse one morning.

My dad and stepmom have major issues with all the leaves they have!
We have fun with the small amount we have!! :)

Two VERY tired girls one evening after bath.

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