Sunday, November 22, 2009

No wonder our landfills are full...

I'm not an environmentalist kind of girl.

We don't recycle much.

I don't use re-usable grocery shopping bags. Though I intend to start when Hannah gets potty trained and I'm not reusing the Walmart sacks for poopy diapers. That truly is the reason we have not converted to the re-usables.

I like aerosol hairspray.

I drive an SUV.
However, I don't litter. I don't like styrofoam. I don't spray paint bridges (anymore).
But this week I discovered something that made me realize why our world is such a dump. Literally-the landfills are overflowing. I contribute a lot of it to ridiculous over-packaging. I've thought about this before- but this box of Zyrtec really has me irritated. Check this out:
Box of Zyrtec.
12 pills, each good for 12 hours. Which is six days. But with Matt and I taking them, that means it's enough Zyrtec for 3 days for both of us.
Inside the box; twelve of these:

This oversized, takes-an-act-of-God-to-get-open packages to hold these little pills that are maybe 1/4" in diameter.

Here's a frame of reference for you, that's a quarter laying there:

Now, do you really think that was necessary? How about 12 pills in a simple child-proof bottle?
This has really had me thoroughly irritated this week, to the point where I'm going to stick with my original plan to buy generic Zyrtec D. It's cheaper, and the packaging- while still not streamlined, is not nearly as ridiculous as this.
Thank you for reading my rant. It's a little journey off the beaten path before the loads-of-Christmas prepping posts that are likely to come very soon.

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Anonymous said...

calm down!!! :) They do make Zyrtec in child-proof bottles!!