Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thru the new Iphone App...

I got a new app on my iphone. I like love it.

It's called Hipstamatic and it's a photography thing... you take pictures on it like its a vintage camera... and selecting the different types of film gives you different looks, finishes, feels.... it's vintagey. it's funky. it's cool.

Thought I'd give you some peeks at my world, not through the looking glass....but through the Iphone App :)
Hannah's little Minnie backpack can always be found hanging on the closet door back by the garage entrance. Usually it has a change of pants and a pull up in it for Mom's Day Out, but everynow and then you'll find something else has been stuck into it, like... an alarm clock. Or a Barbie boot.

Yes, readers, I am showing you a picture of one of the toilets in my house. But it's what is ON the toilet that you're supposed to see. I recently changed our half bath (which is a neighbor to Hannah's backpack) to a beach theme. We've got a nice caribbean blue-green color in there (with a white wall too), and some fun beachy knicknacks. Including this lovely jar of sand and sea shells.
As a complete side note.... this jar has been around for awhile. Back in college (1997 to be exact) I bought it, and painted my then-boyfriend's (Josh) name on it with the date, in Iowa State colors. Then I filled it with Hershey Kisses. We broke up, it was one of the things i got back for some reason... and so I used nail polish remover to take off the butthead's name and it has served several purposes since then. So far, this one is my favorite.
I have a collection of cool glass bottles in a bunch of colors above my cupboards in my kitchen. I wish I had more (this is just a few of them). They're gorgeous colors and when the rope lighting up there is turned on in the evening, they illuminate quite nicely.
I love this bed. Some nights when we are sooo tired, and there are fresh sheets and we get snuggled into bed, I sigh in contentment and say "I love my bed." I do.
On my dresser sits this beautiful framed picture of Brooke. It was taken at my mom's wedding when Brooke was six months old. She was the flower girl a.k.a. wedding princess. The church was not air conditioned so it was HOT.... so she was sitting there in a diaper, frilly socks, and a headband trying to relax before we had to put on the dress for the ceremony to start. I adore this picture!
Pretty cool app, don't you think? I'm debating taking some pics of some of my pics from our vacation and getting prints like this for some fun pages in the scrapbook.

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Marcy said...

I have a similar app on my phone! I love love love it! I used it when I took the pictures on our Christmas card this year. I think yours has more options. And don't you have the option to get more filters? Can't wait to see what else you post, maybe I'll be persuaded to upgrade!