Friday, January 21, 2011

Camera Shy Cinderella

Hannah and I had a few days this week where we stayed home all day. (If I seem a little crazy to you, it would be stir-crazy!).

She decided she wanted a dress. We got out the Cinderella dress.

Did you know Cinderella was not running because she was late for midnight? Actually she was running because she was trying to get away from the MamaRazzi's camera.

I got one good shot in before she took off on me. Notice the gloves. She had to have gloves, and these are all I could find.

"Oh no! Not a camera!"

Runs so fast she is a blur...

Making her escape out of the dining room. You can literally run circles around the main floor of our house...and that's what we did :)

"Can I escape up the stairs? No, not in this dress! My feet keep getting caught!"

"Mamarazzi.... I told you, no pictures!"

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Nance said...

Cute! I love the "Mamarazzi" bit.