Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photography assignments

There are not enough hours in the day....

Not enough hours, at least, that are not already spoken for by children, husband, sleep, and meal preparation.

The remaining hours must be split between travel agent work, baker-chic work, cleaning up the house, doing laundry, grocery list making, blogging, facebooking, PTO, emailing, and the daily allotment of DVR'd shows. Because I'll flat out tell you, when the kiddos go to bed, I'm done with "must-dos" for the day. There will be no cleaning the bathroom at 9p.m. for this mother. Nope.

However, not matter how hard I try, I always struggle to get hobbies worked into my day, such as scrapbooking and photography.

I like to take pictures. I like to scrapbook. I'm going on a scrapbook retreat in a few weeks (woohooo!), and I seriously need to get my shit stuff organized.

So I take pics of life going on, but purposeful pictures are few and far between.

I'm trying to keep up with a photography assignment through MCP actions where they give us a topic per week, for all 52 weeks of the year. I missed the first one (around the house) though if i would have submitted, it might have been that hipstamatic picture of Hannah's backpack.

Last week was "a picture to illustrate a song" I did this picture and titled it "Angel" by Aerosmith:

This week the assignment is shades of grey, so I worked on a few pictures of Brooke:

And then over on Pioneer Woman, her most recent photo assignment was food. I'm not the most stellar food photographer, but these are the ones I submitted over there.

Orange Leaf, on my iphone!

Not the greatest photograph, but a DAMN AWESOME cake!

I love this picture. Don't you just want to take a bite? It was one of three large goodie trays I did for a local business for their holiday open house:

Little Monsters that I baked the other day with Hannah and her friend Maddi.

I don't expect to ever get selected to make their "favorites" selections, but I do love the challenge of a photography assignment.
Here's hoping we all can squeeze out an extra hour this week to do something we consider an indulgence of our time.

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