Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hannah's Birthday Party

I had a really tough time this year deciding what I wanted to do for Hannah's birthday party. I knew she had a few more kids she wanted to invite this year, and I wasn't really feeling up for playing hostess to a bunch of four year olds. Our party last year was perfectly controlled chaos, and I couldn't envision a 4.0 version that would go as smooth with more kids in the mix.
I finally decided on a swim party at our local YMCA. The price was reasonable, we love swimming, and it seemed like an easy plan. The party even includes the cake...which was not a selling point for us since I do cakes! I went ahead and got cupcakes from them (that I then gave away to friends later), and made a cake for Hannah's party.
Ever since the first Barbie/Princess cake I made, Hannah has been set on having a doll cake with a blue dress like Cinderella with red flowers. So, here is the cake I did for the party:

Our neighbor/preschool buddy Zachary was the first one to show up, and the only boy that made it! According to his mom, he plans on marrying Hannah and having 10 kids.
We opened a few presents, had cake, and opened more presents.

This is Jordan, Hannah's little BFF from preschool. They are two peas in a pod. Jordan just had her birthday last week!
The party attendees, big sis, neighobr Jaci, buddy zach, neighbor leah, hannah banana, jordan, and off to the side, refusing to get in the lineup, little friend from school Samantha.
To go in the deep end of the recreational pool during a party, you have to take a swim test. Even if your parents are going to be in the deep end with you. I wasn't sure Brooke could do it, but she did! Great job!

Everyone had a great time swimming. We moms sat on the side and watched the munchkins, and Matt was swimming in the deep end with Brooke and Jaci. And it got even more exciting when we realized that Randy from Survivor was the lifeguard! It was really him!
One thing I always try to do good at is the party favors. I hate junky stuff from the party store that is going to end up in the trash. Again, though, I didn't have a big budget this year to work with. Finally, while reading in bed one night around 11p.m., I had an epiphany. FLIP FLOPS!! What a fun party favor for a swim party!! And Old Navy has them 2 pairs for $5! What a deal! I was pretty proud of that idea! :)
When the party was over, we were happy and tired. Hannah's little eyes were so red from all the chlorine. When we were leaving, ol' Zachary tried to plant a kiss on her, but she escaped the affection, and blew him a kiss instead. It was pretty cute!

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