Monday, February 13, 2012

Strangely addicting

A friend told a friend who told me about this recipe. Cinnamon popcorn.

Pop about 9 cups of popcorn. Put in two large bowls.

In a microwave, in 30 second intervals, heat 1 stick butter, 3 T. Caro syrup, and 8 oz red hots until melted. Watch closely because once the red hots start to melt it will get foamy and you do NOT want it boiling over in your microwave or you will have a hot mess!

Pour half the red hot mixture over each of the two bowls. I did two bowls because it was easier to mix. Mix well then spread out on 2 greased cookie sheets. Bake in a 250 (yes, 250 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Remove and cool completely, breaking up chunks, etc when cool enough to touch. A pretty red color and strangely addictive.

This batch filled 20 snack-size baggies, guessed it...Valentines Day.

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pohren said...

Have been looking for a recipe to try that tastes like Topsy' the oven, can't wait to try!