Wednesday, February 22, 2012

400th Post Giveaway and Oh So Pinteresting!

I've got about six different things I needed to put for the title of this post!!
First one would be: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!! My munchkin turned four today! I'll tell you all about it in another post....because this one is just all sorts of busy!!!! And I haven't downloaded the pictures yet! But it's been a great celebration that pretty much started on Sunday and finished up today!
Second title would be: WHAT A BUSY DAY/WEEK!. My day....get Brooke on the bus, bake a cake, decorate brownies for the munchkin, play with munchkin, put together gift basket for school carnival, do some travel quotes, take munchkin to preschool, run to Walmart to pick up a few things, race home to beat the bus for Brooke to get out early, send Brooke to grandma's, go back to preschool for munchkins Birthday time, home for family birthday dinner, and out for ice cream. My school Mon/Tues, early dismissal Weds, Thurs, Fri... Six cakes and two dozen cupcakes due between Friday and Saturday...conferences...and school carnival. YahoooYipppity.
Third title would be.... OH SO PINTERESTING!! I've hardly had a chance to sit still and I have not replaced my laptop yet so Pinterest is falling behind in my world. I did get to it a few times this week. Here's what I pinned. Sorry no pics, just links. Roll with it.
Letter Photo Art Tutorial that includes a link to a flickr album with gazillions of letter pictures you can use. Awesome.
I made and pinned these Look and Find bottles that I did as Valentine gifts.
Pinned a recipe for Carmelitas, which I considered to be the absolute best thing ever served at Iowa State Food Service. Can't wait to make them.
Linking up at The Vintage Apple for Oh So Pinteresting.
And the final title option....400th Post Giveaway!!!!
THIS is my 400th BLOG POST EVER. Wow! I'm so impressed with myself!!! To celebrate, I rounded up a few of my lovely, giving friends to put some stuff together for a fun giveaway!!!
You can win:
This super cute thermal tote and little coin purse from 31Gifts. Total retail value $29. You can visit my friends' website at and if you email her an order by april 1st she will give you a special discount for mentioning my blog. Her email is and she's one of my Disney cruise buddies. I see this tote being GREAT for spring trips to the park and zoo!!
You'll also win three magnets made by me.... You can send me pics you want me to use (I'll give you the guidelines) or I can make them in a theme of your choosing...alphabet, Disney, floral, etc.
But wait, there's MORE!!! One of my friends from back in the camp-counseling days of college makes some super cute dresses!! And she's agreed to do this adorable MINNIE pillowcase dress for my winner! You can visit her store, Puddin Pies on etsy and like her on facebook. She can do the dress for the winner in sizes 12months-6girls. So cute. I want to win! :)
And finally, my friend Jodi has this handy dandy program where she can make these super cute family trees. You fill out an info sheet for her and she turns your family tree into this! Super cute for framing or for your scrapbook!
SO, one winner will get these five things! The thermal tote, the coin purse, the magnets, the Minnie dress, and the family tree!!!
Just for celebrating my 400th post with me! Well, AND by leaving a comment or two!!!!
Leave a comment here telling me what vacation you would love to take this summer--that'll get you one entry. Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me you're a follower--that'll get you another entry. And, share the link to this post on your blog or facebook, and comment that you did, and you get another entry.
Thanks for hanging around folks and reading my little blog! Winner announced over the weekend! Send your friends on over!


Rachael said...

Wow, what cute stuff! I,'m a follower of your Blog!!!!

Rachael said...

I listed the giveaway on my facebook page too! (Crossing my fingers) ;)

Julie said...

Awesome prizes!! My fingers are crossed!

Michelle J said...

You amaze me! I'm exhausted just reading your blog!! You need to rub off on me!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great stuff, Angie! This summer I'm hoping to go to Colorado and then back to Disney in 2013 when the new Fantasyland is open. Thanks for offering the giveaway and congrats on 400 posts. I love Cindy's dress -- what wonderful EWALU memories we have.

erinb1 at aol dot com

Erin said...

I follow.

erinb1 at aol dot com

pohren said...

I think I am a follower, I shared your blog on fb and vacation.....hmmm somewhere relaxing, and without kids! Love Cindy's dress btw-bought some last spring from her in a Hawkeye print. Very cute and comfy!

Davina said...

Angie! I've been following your posts about the cruises and love all the great tips. I just shared with Facebook! Thanks for having a fun contest. I really want
To go on a cruise

Kristen said...

Okay Angie...I read you blog so I guess that makes me a follower! It always makes me think, "how does she do it all!". This summer where would I want to go? Some place fun with the kids and Daddy if we could get him off the farm!

Jamie said...

I'd love to go to a Caribbean island. Just dreaming though!

Jamie said...

I'm a follower.