Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh So Pinteresting Wednesday

I haven't gotten to play around on Pinterest so much lately, because my laptop fried. My pinterest time is usually on the laptop, on the couch, after the kids go to bed, with my DVR shows going, my hubby dozing on the couch, and facebook open in one window to chat with friends and Pinterest open in another window.

But...Hallelujiah....I did taxes yesterday.... and mommy is getting a new laptop and a new pair of shooooozzzz. Hotdog.

So, anyways, here's a few pinteresting things that I have taken the time to look at!

Oh hubby..... Can you make this?

Source: here's the pinterest pin

Buffalo chicken bites. This picture was actually the jumping off point for something I made for super bowl. (aka, commercial night). Instead of following this recipe exactly I did this: Mix up this Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe, and instead of baking, smear it on crescent triangles, roll up and bake. Yummo.

Source and Pinterest Pin

Food items were high on the pinning agenda this past week, I'm guessing with superbowl snacks, valentine parties, etc. Love these for a Valentine party but not sure that I'm going this route at either of the ones I'm responsible for....

Source and the Pinterest Pin

Are you a peanut butter nut like I am? I think I've made something similar to these before...and I'm darn sure I'll be making them again soon! Yum.

Source and Pinterest Pin

And there ya have it peeps.... what I've been pinning.

In the meantime.... what kind of laptop do you recommend?
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Alyssa said...

The buffalo chicken bites looks so delicious!! Yum!

pohren said...

I'd say a mac for your laptop. It may take some getting used to, but seriously no viruses, and we haven't had a problem with ours in 5 yrs. (hope I didn't jinx myself now!)