Friday, October 14, 2011

Week in Review and Worthwhile Challenge 40 &41

It's Friday night at 9:40 and I can tell you these things for sure:

1. Everyone in my family but me is asleep in bed already. Even the dog.

2. A girl I know is at Walt Disney World right now, and keeps facebook statusing each ride she is at. It's driving this Disney nut crazy with 'iwanttobethererightnow-itis'

3. I've decided that 'busy' is just my permanent state of being these days.

4. I get a date with my hubby tomorrow night.

5. Jesus rocks.

And here is what my past week included (among other things):

My talented friend Abbe whom I've posted about many times in the past few years, has a great business going of repurposing furniture and giving it some life. You can find her facebook page here, and you can find this cute table she did in my entryway!

I've been looking for years for just the right table to go on this little wall inside my entryway. It's located cattycorner, kiddiecorner, across the tile, from this project. I haven't decided exactly what I want to put on this yet, but it will be cute. Kind of dragging my feet because I know in a few weeks I'll be putting some Christmas stuff on it anyways, so in no big hurry to accessorize it. That spot has waited years for a table, it can wait a little longer for decorations. However, HANNAH quickly claimed the little cubby on the side for random things. The first night, I found her PJ's in there after we put her to bed in a new pair. Along with a stuffed animal she was later looking for. And Brooke thinks it's a place for her to leave things when she gets home. Must accessorize it and claim it as mine!

Brooke didn't have school on Thursday, and about 3p.m. the came in from outside wanting to do a lemonade stand. We did about an hour before dinner and 30 minutes after dinner and made $6!! Brooke learned the lesson that most people don't take the time to stop and give a little attention to kiddos in their busy day, and decided that we need to make sure we stop at lemonade stands when we see them in the future.

This precious furball can still fit through the fence. We love him too much to trade him in for a bigger model though. Honestly he's really been perfect for our family. Except when he comes racing up to my room at 7:15 in the morning after the girls take him out to go potty. He races in and whines next to the bed until I flop my arm over and rub his little belly. He loves me.

Life is busy in my little Worthwhile Moments Sweet Shoppe right now.... which is good because this is typically a little bit of a slower month or two in my travel business. This weekend I'm doing my first wedding cake / groom's cake.

Here is half of the groom cake fresh out of the oven this morning.

Here is the completed groom cake. It is a big chocolate cake. Big as in 19"x24". Lots of black and orange icing. 16 eggs. Two batches of buttercream (which means, 16 cups of powdered sugar). Big. Cake.

Can I take a moment to say, thank you to those of you who are my cake and travel customers. I appreciate each order and each booking I do for you. Thanks for supporting me!

I bought these pop up thingys at a garage sale several years ago for about $2. Usually they are stuffed between the garage wall and the garage fridge, but every now and then, I drag them out. Since they don't come out often, they provide a good long bit of entertainment for these girls. This morning, the pop up thingys kept them occupied while I was baking Big.Cake.

That's the bulk of the week around here. PTO. Cooking. Baking. Baking. Baking.

Two new recipes for the Worthwhile Challenge:

Candy Corn Roll Up Cookies

(they are basically sugar cookies with an orange/yellow swirl baked in them).

In large bowl, beat 1 cup butter or margarine, 1.5 cups powdered sugar, one egg. Mix in 2.5 cups flour, 1 tsp soda, 1 tsp cream of tartar.

Divide dough into thirds. Tint one portion orange and the other yellow. Flatten each into a disk, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate 20 minutes.

On a sheets of lightly floured waxed paper, roll each portion into a 12x9" rectangle. Place orange on top of yellow, and plain dough on top of that. Roll up into a cylinder (like a jellyroll).

Wrap in plastic, refrigerate 1 hour (or freeze 30 minutes like I did).

Heat oven to 375, cut dough into 1/4" slices, sprinkle with coarse sugar, bake 7 to 8 minutes or until edges are set.

Review: very soft, decent cookie but I thought it was a little boring. I'm pretty picky about cookies though! They did look pretty!

I also made Chicken Bacon Ranch Paninis from The Pioneer Woman. You would think that since my kids love bacon, ranch, chicken, and grilled cheese sandwiches that they would love these. Hannah picked out the bacon and ate it, then ate the part of the bread with the cheese on it. Brooke picked out the chicken and ate it. Matt ate the whole thing but could take it or leave it, I personally liked them a lot! To each his own I guess!!

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