Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brooke - a Photography Journey

Everytime we have school pictures, I try to snap a few shots myself before I send the kiddo off to school. Brooke is usually a dream to photograph. She's not camera shy, she's fun, she is gorgeous.

But, alas, she is also seven, with an attitude, with a mother who is not a morning person. Here's the photo journey we had on school picture day.

1. Me: Brooke, smile so I can get a picture before the bus gets here.
Brooke: (see pic below).

2. Me: Come on Brooke, you can do better than that!
Brooke: (see pic below)
Me: That's not a smile, that's a grimace!

3. Me: So, who's your boyfriend?
Brooke: MOM!!! (see pic below)

4. Me: Is it Cody? Tanner? Dallas?
Brooke: ~laughing~ (see pic below)

5. Me- more guesses....
Brooke-- ~lots of giggles~ MOM!!! (see pic below)

6. Me- Come on, tell me! Is he your age?

Brooke ~I'm not telling!!!~ (see below)

7. Me - Well geez give your mother a hint!!!

Brooke - ~I'm just going to tell you he's in 2nd grade!~

Me- Thank God for that.

Brooke - Stop talking about it ~giggle~

8. Me - more guesses.

Brooke - It's Chase!

Me - Chase, who?!?!

Brooke - Debbi's Chase!!! (mommy's BFF's son, they went to preschool together. She hasn't seen him for months).

Me - Does Chase know this?

Brooke - Well, I'm not going to tell him!!!

9. And finally, she warmed up to the camera, and stopped giggling just enough to get this shot:

10. And this shot....

And we didn't even miss the bus!

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Megan said...

too cute! And I love the commentary! I know first hand just how difficult it can be to get our kiddos to give us those smiles we want :)

Does her hair curl naturally like that?? So pretty!