Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'

I'm not usually one to discuss politics/religion/hot topics on my blog, or even in general. I'm a pretty grey-area kind of thinker actually, or one of those people who can see many sides. But I thought that I'd make an exception to this usual way of operating to share my thoughts on some things. Not to make any friends or enemies, not to make ya a hater. Just to tell ya what I think. Since this is my blog and all....!

Heaven or Hell? I believe in Jesus Christ 100%. He was sent by God to this earth to save man from sin, he died on a cross and triumphed over death to give us eternal life. I know that my salvation is in Jesus, believing and accepting His gift assures me of eternity in heaven. If you don't believe in Jesus....? Well....guess that one is up to God. But I think you should, because I'd love to see you up there.

Republican or Democrat? While on social issues I would err more to the side of republican, I usually vote democrat because I've never really seen anything good happen to the economy from a Republican's work. I feel that a majority of the problems today and that Obama is fighting are still aftershocks of G.W.B.

Pro-life or Pro-choice? Well, I'm totally for LIFE of course. Babies are too precious to be disposed of. However....and here is where I hit the grey area... if the mom's life is in danger...then that's one thing. I would never encourage someone to have one in anything but a life-threatening circumstance, and I think it should be illegal for sure for third trimester, and I think women who use them nearly as a form of birth control need to be punished.... I don't think it's the government's decision. It's a personal one. Just one that I would choose NO to. Make sense?

Homosexuality: I don't know if they are 'born this way' like Lady Gaga says, but I know that I have several homosexual friends who feel that they were born that way...they say 'why would i choose this life of discrimination!?". Here's what I think...I don't really care what they choose. If they are a good, honest, loyal, caring person that contributes to the benefit of society, that's all I need from someone. I'm not here to judge, I'm here to love. It's not my business. That's all up to God. I'm just here to love others.

Blood or water?: Weird one, I know. I just want to say that I think blood is thicker than water. I don't think you should choose your friend over your family. I think you should always have your family's back, be in their corner. I told Brooke tonight that if she was ever in a room full of people with her sister, her cousin brayton, etc...that her family is always her priority. That's just what I think.

Popcorn. Oh you're right, this is not a political topic. But I do have to say that it cannot be eaten without a carbonated beverage, a little salt, and chocolate of some sort. The best being MM's dumped right into the popcorn bag/bowl so they get a little melty/salty.

Love me or hate me? It's your choice. I am who I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve, just want to be loved, don't want to be jerked around. I can be super sweet and thoughtful, and I can be a little bitchy and abrasive sometimes too. Sometimes I'm passionate, sometimes I'm passionately bossy. Love me or hate me, I don't care...but don't make me feel little, or play hot and cold with me, or be my friend one minute and ignoring me the next. This girl prefers consistency. :)

So there are some of my random thoughts on various 'hot topics.' Now ya know.

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Nance said...

really. nobody has commented ahead of me? well, I say, you go girl! girls rule! how can you not not love babies and your neighbor. Treat others as you would be treated. those that live in the glass house, dare to throw the first stone. Or something like that! lol be gentle. That's my thought.