Thursday, October 20, 2011


Crazy.Busy.Insane.Week. CBIW. That's what I have had.

Like, my usual week times 100.

I am pooped.

Monday was a pretty routine day. But since's my week:

Tuesday morning get up and do some baking for an order that I have to do. Run with Hannah to the bank and the store, while talking on the phone to Matt about the problems we are having with the car dealership getting his truck that he wanted up here from another dealership. Speak to owner of dealership. 10:30a.m., call Matt and tell him we are going to go get the vehicle ourselves. Make arrangements for Grandparents to babysit. Go home, feed hannah lunch, get a rental car booked, call a cake customer, call a travel customer, do a travel quote, call a PTO person. Get Hannah to grandmas. pick up rental car. leave town at 1:20. Drive 4.5 hours to Arkansas. Spend 10 minutes at Dealership getting Matt's Avalanche picked up. Spend 10 minutes dropping off rental car. Spend 30 minutes eating at Jimmy Johns. Spend 4.5 hours driving back to Wichita. Go to bed at midnight. Up with drainage-pukey kid at 3:30 in the morning. Long long long long day.

Wednesday morning, get up to get Brooke off to school. Spend all morning baking the remaining 14 dozen mini sweet treats for a customer that did not get baked on Tuesday. Take a shower at 12:15. Take hannah to preschool. meet a travel client at preschool. go to Brooke's school to help with fundraiser delivery. leave brooke's school and go pick Matt and Brooke (early release) up at the house to go 'close' on the truck. forget checkbook. go to the bank for a cashiers check. go finalize truck. leave Matt and Brooke there to get the new vehicle delivery completed while I go get Hannah. Take Hannah with me to Brooke's school to help a PTO parent with conference meals. Meet Matt outside of school to pass off Hannah. Go to Brooke's conferences (she's rocking it all!). Pick up dinner. Give kids a bath. ice/dip/decorate the 14 dozen minis that I baked that morning. Finalize Disney cruise booking for family of 9. Go to bed.

Thursday....Brooke on bus. Hannah and I deliver order to Serenity Massage Clinic for their Anniversary Open House. Go to Hannah Circle Women's group. Leave there, go to bank and post office. Come home. let the dog out. eat lunch. put hannah down for a nap. play with dog. more travel stuff. wash dishes from frosting trifecta the night before. Brooke and Matt get home. Go to pumpkin patch. have a lot of fun at pumpkin patch--one of my favorite events of the year. eat dinner in El Dorado. Come home. shower. tuck girls in. sit happybutt on couch to watch something on the DVR and blog.

My head is spinning. Is yours?

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