Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Day

Do you do May Day baskets?

I've done them for as long as I can remember. Love doing things like that. (My "love language" is small gifts, so it's right up my alley).

When I did not yet have kids, I did little gifts for my friends. Now, I am doing May Day baskets with the girls.

My baskets have taken on many forms over the years. I've learned to make them with whatever I might have on hand. I've done the little dixie cups. I've done the solo cups with pipe cleaner handles. I remember making paper cones out of construction paper. This year, we colored flowers on paper lunch sacks and made construction paper handles.

The baskets have also been filled with a variety of things. This year, each bag had a handful of crunch-n-munch popcorn, some twizzlers, and a few gumballs. A little uninspired, but I was kind of winging it...and it was rainy.

Hannah really didn't understand what we were doing... and Brooke was WAY more excited than she looks in this picture:

This was our first delivery...the neighbors across the street. Brooke of course left Hannah in the dust. She finally caught up. I yelled "put the bags down and ring the doorbell!". After I saw that they did that I said "okay, now run on back to me!!!". Hannah leans down, picks up the bag, and starts to bail. I said "No no!! leave the bag there hannah!!!". So she set it on the step and headed back. One bag on the porch. One on the step. I only hoped it did not start raining before the kids found them. (they weren't home at that moment I found out later).

Then it was on to the other neighbor's house. They have four kids! Hannah got the hang of it a bit better, set her bags down and waited for Brooke to ring the (broken) doorbell. (Found out it was broken later). They scramble down the porch to head my way. This time, Hannah leaves the bag, but does make a pitstop to snag a few pieces of crunch-n-munch out of one of them for herself.

That kid is a hoot.

Not the most stellar of baskets, weather, or delivery experience. And the poor girls did not receive any May Baskets. Is this a dead tradition? Well, it will play on in the Worthwhile Moments house!

Give it a try next year! It's a fun project!

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