Monday, May 2, 2011

The Homework Not-so-Merry-Go-Round

Homework sucks.

I never minded it much as a kid (no, I was not a nerd).

But as a mommy. Ugh. Shove toothpicks in my eyeballs and string me up by my toes. It can get SO tedious.

And it's not that we have A LOT. It's's hard to find the "perfect time" to do it.

Right after school, the poor kid is so tired and has had a long day, she really needs some time to unwind, play, and relax.

But after dinner? Holy cow. The kid gets her second wind as her blood sugar goes back up, and let me tell you, all hell breaks loose around here. She gets ants in her pants, spastic, loud, energetic. Little monkey is the same way. We finished eating 20 ago, and they are marching stomping around the house in circles, screaming singing at the top of their lungs. Give it about five minutes and I'm sure they will be fighting.

It's that 20 minutes between dinner and all hell breaking loose that we try to get homework done. And homework is frustrating.

Mostly because it's a lot of math, and no one in this house is a fan of math.

Thank GOD school is almost done for the year.

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