Thursday, May 5, 2011


True story: I got my first pair of glasses in fourth grade. They had little bitty strawberries on the sides. I still have them. They are horrendous. I remember walking into school the first day I had them, already extremely self conscious about them. Shane Ross looked at me for a minute, and said "They make you look smarter!". I promptly burst into tears.

True story: I got my first pair of contacts in eighth grade. Thank you Jesus. Thank you parents. I walked into my room after I got home from the eye doctor, and I heard a ringing sound. That same day, my parents had hooked a teen-line up in my bedroom!!! Thank you Jesus. Thank you parents. I did a happy dance.

Last week I got some new glasses. I think it's the first new pair of glasses I've gotten in probably 4 years. A little different look for me. I only wear them at night, but it's nice to have something that feel better on my face too.

Here are the old ones:

And here are the new ones:

What do you think?

Neither tears nor happy dance occurred with the arrival of these glasses.


Cammie G. said...

I LOVE the new glasses! They are fabulous Angie!

Lindsey Veitz said...

I dig em Ang! Of course I'm slightly biased because they're very similar to mine, but they look REALLY nice!