Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Know You Have Some...

I'm baring my soul for you today...

Back when I was first starting college, I looked in awe at my roommate trying to figure out what she was doing with tweezers and her chin. "Don't you hate chin hairs?!" she said.

I thought "hunh! I don't have any!"

the next day I found one. I'm convinced Jenny cursed me.

I'm obsessive about them. I think they are one of God's punishments to women for what Eve did back in the garden. Yuck.

For the record I'm also obsessive about ear wax. If I'm with you and I see wax in your ear it takes all my strength to not get a Qtip and attack you with it.

No I don't have OCD!

I'd like someone to explain to me how you can diligently search your chin for those horrible little things one day, feel that you have satisfactorily rid yourself of them, and then find one the next day! It is so weird!

Brooke said to me one day "I thought just daddy's had whiskers"... and I said "yeah well I know men who have stretch marks too. These things happen!" Harrumph.

If you are reading this, in at least your 30's, and saying you don't have any chin hairs- I think you're lying. You just haven't found them yet. But they are there. Tweezer wielding mommy's of the world unite!

Why am I writing this? I have no idea, except to say this. When I was in high school I worked in a nursing home. There was this one lady who had chin-hairs-from-hell. White, wiry, stiff, about an inch long. (Thank GOD I haven't found one of those!) Everytime I saw this woman, I thought "for the love of God, why doesn't someone pluck those things?!" So I'm writing this to say, if you visit me in the nursing home someday, or your child ends up working at a nursing home someday, and you see something sticking out of my lethargic, wrinkly chin, PLUCK IT. When I'm too old to see them myself, will you please pluck them?! ACK!

We will now return to our regular programming. I know you're going straight to your bathroom to stick your chin in the mirror. A little tip: it's all about the lighting.


Michelle said...

I'm 100% with you Angie - on the ear wax AND the chin hairs!

pohren said...

too funny! I am convinced the mirror in the car is quite effective and at times unflattering!