Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big Job

My friend Julia was in charge of an event at a local church. It was the fall kickoff for their Women's ministry programming. She asked if I'd be interested in bidding the gig...600 assorted minis

She'd gotten some quotes that wanted to charge $1.50 per piece. That is insanity. Dear readers, do not pay $1.50 each for minis. Seriously.

So I bid the gig....and I got it... and this is what they got.

I offered to do a cake for them to give away as a door prize. I did a little stacked cake, carrot on the bottom, chocolate on the top. The event was called "Sweet Life" so I put that on the cake;

Their assorted minis included lemon bars:
Some white cupcakes with buttercream:

Some chocolate cupcakes with buttercream, some with chocolate:
Some creme brulee cupcakes, some white cupcakes with strawberry creme... The creme brulee I've done as a cake several times. It took several trial runs to perfect it into a mini cupcake.

Quite possibly my proudest concotion so far- Key Lime Cupcakes with a pina colada icing. I'm a huge chocolate fan, but let me tell you these things have a flavor explosion going on. Also carrot cupcakes..with little carrots made from royal icing:

Whoopie Pies! Some folks call them gobs. Traditionally they are chocolate with a marshmallow creme filling, but I can do them in all sorts of flavor combinations...these are chocolate whoopies with peanut butter creme, and oatmeal whoopies filled with chocolate ganache and coconut creme:

Matt's favorite cookie; peanut butter chocolate chip, and some little decorated sugar cookies:

Loaded up and ready for delivery!

They had cute decorations, look at that big tissue paper cupcake! Each table had two cake trays with an assortment of the goodies on them. There was also mini cinnamon rolls but I forgot to take a pic of them! We all know what cinnamon rolls look like, right? Anyways, here's how my goodies looked on the tables:

It was a great opportunity, and I loved hearing all the girls gushing over the stuff when I delivered it. I wouldn't want to figure out my per-hour wage...but I did make a nice profit over cost which is always good! And it was a good way to get my little name out there! We'll see if it turns into some new customers!

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