Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Update

Hello blog readers!

Quick rundown of the past week and a sneak peek at the one upcoming.
I'm writing this from my laptop.... which means no pictures. Sorry! But I'm sure I'll have some pictures for the next post! :)

First week of school seems to be going well. It's been a lot easier of an adjustment than kg was, that's for sure! My 1st grader is doing great! Friday evening we will celebrate a great first week with carryout from Brooke's favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. We love our teacher, Mrs. Miller. She is so sweet and positive. I hope we have a great year with her! How has your first week of school started out?

First week of school for Brooke also meant seriously starting the potty training gig for Hannah. So far, so good! She's gone several times, has stayed dry whenever she has panties on, she's doing great. (We still obviously throw a diaper on for nap and bed time). First I had to convince her to go try the potty...that was Tuesday. She had several successful attempts. Wednesday, she was doing great and not taking too long to do it! :) Today, she's done fabulous too... except that after she goes potty, we celebrate and flush..she wants to go again. And she wants to sit sit sit. It's not because she's trying to get another sucker, because she wants to "go again" before I even get to the cupboard to get the first reward sucker out. I'm not sure what the deal is, but it was a battle and a half today.

Meal times with Hannah have not been pretty this week either. Hence, the "carry out" option tomorrow night.

Greg update.... still missing him as our bus driver! Nothing against Fred (the kids said he was nicer on Wednesday and didn't really yell)...we just miss him. Today I got ahold of someone at the bus company who is a supervisor and talked her into asking Fred if they could switch routes. Continue praying. I'm hoping Fred will be amenable to that swap. Pray pray pray. We miss Greg!

I've been a baking fool this week! Did a batch of cupcakes and a cake just to practice a few things. Working on a cupcake/cookie order for this weekend. Next week I have to deliver 600 "minis" to an event on Thursday afternoon. The minis will include mini cupcakes, whoopie pies, mini cookies, lemon bars, and mini cinnamon rolls. I've also got 4 dozen PB/Choc chip cookies and a Birthday cake on the table for next week too! It is so fun getting to make a "go" at a little side business doing something that I absolutely love to do. When I'm doing cakes/cookies I actually feel that I inherited at least a little of my mom's artistic ability. I hope I continue to be busy with requests for all sorts of goodies! If you know of anyone needing a cake, (or a trip), send them my way! I told one of my friends that it seems I am "a mommy by morning, a travel agent by afternoon, and a baker by night" (since I do most of my decorating after the kids go to bed, etc).

Hope you all have a great weekend! Keep on praying for us to get our bus driver back!
Off to bed, tomorrow is Friday! Yippeee!

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