Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mountain, I am staring you down

I am standing at the cusp of my least favorite duty as a mommy.

The changing of the seasons. And I ain't talking the weather, because I am rejoicing the coming of Fall. (Tis my favorite!).

I am getting ready to stare down a mountain of clothing. A big, huge, overwhelming, hard to work through, mountain.

We purposely planned for our girls to be about 4 years apart, and for most things it works out good. But that is 4 years of clothing storage going on too. And of course they don't run quite the same in sizing...Brooke is tall and Hannah is short for their ages.

ANYWAYS. It's that time of year when....I have to get the fall clothes ready and organized into drawers and closets. That means digging out the appropriate bin of clothing for Hannah, cutting tags off new purchases, and getting it all ready to wear. Not so bad. Except then you are faced with the stuff that needs to be put away for the winter. "Will this fit in the spring? Where should I put it so I remember it? NO? Well then time to start a new storage bin. Oh, this needs to go in the "sell it" pile."

There's stuff that should fit that doesn't. Like the winter items that should fit Hannah "sometime" this winter but not yet since she's a shorty.

Then there's the stuff that Hannah is done with that needs to be sold at the big consignment sale. Except that the upcoming sale is only for fall and winter clothes. So I have to sort out last year's fall/winter stuff, get it ready to sell, and find a place to store the spring/summer stuff that doesn't fit so I can put it in the spring sale.

Seriously, this is a mountainous project. My least favorite mommy-responsibility. Give me a poopy diaper or potty training duty any day. Keeping the clothing inventoried, organized, stored, and sold overwhelms me. It takes days. It takes large piles. It is not fun.

The task coming up is bigger than usual...because before I can even start, I've got to be able to GET INTO the spare bedroom. It is nicely furnished with a spare bed, a desk for scrapbook, some shelves. And in between the nicely furnished stuff, is Brooke's old bedroom set. We can't figure out where to store it until Hannah is ready for it. I literally can't get into the spare bedroom. Guess where some of the totes and stored clothing is? On the other side of the spare room in the closet.

Guess what part of my weekend is going to entail? Yeah. I'm like, so excited dude.

If you wish to impart sympathy on me and help me climb this mountain, you may a)buy some clothes from me, b) deliver me a large diet dr pepper, c) bring me ice cream, d)make dinner for us one evening so I don't have to mess with that. Really, any such assistance is welcome.

Have a great weekend!

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Rachael said...

Oh's good to know I am not the only one who loathes this task. I know so many moms who "love" to go through their kids' clothes.?!? I SO GET what you are talking about. Only I have three wardrobes of girls' clothes rather than two. I feel ya.