Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summing it up

This conversation pretty well sums up life in our world these days.

Hubby: "Don't send H outside with a sucker! She can't run around out there with one of those in her mouth!"
Me: "Tell her not to run!?!"
Hubby: "Yeah right. Telling H not to run is like telling B not to talk!!!!"
To which I later thought (this morning actually, listening to B go on and on and on), 'telling B not to talk is like telling the average human not to breathe!!!"
On that note, I'm off to take some excedrin migraine. However, thought I'd share this pic of little miss H starting this year of Mom's Day Out! She loves "school". Our director is moving (to the UK! Geez!), and we are sad to see her go. Miss Juliet was B's MDO teacher for her first two years, and she was the director for H's first year last year. We will miss her and her funny accent! She has been there for a lot of important moments in the toddler-phase of my girls! OXOX to Miss Juliet!

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