Monday, February 1, 2010

You Know You're a Mom when...

I've had some of these thoughts cross my mind off and on recently, and decided to compile them into this lovely list for you:

You Know You're a Mom (particularly a stay at home mom) when....

1. You go all day without putting shoes on (because you stayed home all day) and wonder why your feet hurt once you finally sit down that evening.

2. You need new jeans, so you pick up a pair at Walmart since you spend your money buying your kids cute stuff at cooler places.

3. While you clean up the mess from lunch, you start thinking about what to make for dinner.

4. You live vicariously through facebook, email, and blogs.

5. Date night is usually over by 8 p.m.-- when you get one!

6. You have gone from refusing to wear anything but SATIN panties (in college) to loving your comfy new cotton panties from Penny's.

7. You finally have a very clear understanding of the phrase "I can't hear myself think!"

8. Some days, a 2 yr old is your best friend, and you love it.

9. You "micromanage" your husband's time-- because someone has to keep things going around here!

10. You love doing little things for the kiddos, like tossing a few Hershey Kisses in a lunch box to surprise them at lunchtime at school.

11. You chat with a friend while changing a diaper, while your business line is ringing and someone is calling you back about the PTO on your cell.

12. You get to shower and get ready for the day around 2 o'clock in the afternoon (not me, I always take a shower right when I get up so this doesn't happen, but I had to include it because I know that's the way things roll in the home of many friends!)

13. You've had several conversations with your spouse about how going to workout, PTO meetings, or going to get groceries does not count as "girls night out."

14. You look longingly at the little red light on the DVR at 7p.m....wishing you could watch your show "now" instead of "later."

15. You are very important to some very sweet little ones!

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Jamie said...

I like #13. Drew thinks going grocery shopping is my time away from him and the kids. I admit I love Walmart but I'm still doing things for our household and not out having fun!