Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday Party Pictures

We had Hannah's Birthday party today. It was a small gathering, with our neighbors (Jaci age 5, Leah age 2, and Kristi), my BFF (Ragan and Rylee almost 2-yr-old twins and Debbi), and our church friends (Brenna-almost 2, and Heidi). Grandma and Grandpa stopped in for a bit, and after they left, Matt was the lone man amongst a house FULL of girls!

I wanted to keep it short, simple, and sweet....and I think we did. Here are some pics from the fun morning!

Who is that at the door?

LOOK! Ballooooooons!!!! Grandma Jenn sent them!

Hannah LOVES Elmo....!

We played with Playdough for awhile:

Heidi and Brenna

Then we opened some presents:

Debbi and one of the twins :)

After that, we sang Happy Birthday and ate these yummy cookies! (that I'm quite proud of if I do say so myself!):

The other moms were totally pumped about the black frosting, but I was only concerned about the cookies looking and tasting good. I think most of the clothing made it thru un-scathed.

After cookies, we played downstairs for awhile before everyone went home.

Thanks to our friends for coming to the Birthday party!
***Scroll on down to the previous two posts to see a slideshow of Hannah pics for her Birthday montage, and a yummy recipe for Chicken enchilada soup***


Anonymous said...

The cookies look GREAT!!!

Marcy said...

The pictures are so cute! My favorite has got to be the one of Hannah looking at the cookie after she's just bitten Mickey's ear. I also love the 'big girls' at their own table but still enjoying that Play Doh! Looks like it was a success. I know Hannah will look at this pictures years down the road and enjoy the memories, even if it was a 'small' party. I love looking at pictures from birthday parties when I was so little!