Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Generic versus Name Brand

Are you name-brand loyal? Are you a generic snob? Are you a cheapskate who refuses to buy name brand no matter what?

If you open up our corner cupboard where a lot of the prepared snacks, crackers, cereal bars are kept, you might think we were filming a commercial for Walmarts generic brand Great Value. I'm all for saving some money... I hate it when I have a coupon and think it's going to get me something great for a great price, but when I look it really doesn't even get the price down to the generic price.

However, there are some things that you should just not go generic on. Deoderant... probably you shouldn't be skimpy when it comes to spending money on that. Condoms... not that we've had a condom-surprise baby...but if you're serious about birth control, you really should be serious about getting the good stuff. I'm just being real!

I thought I would share some of my generic versus name brand preferences here... just because I don't have anything more exciting to tell you right now.

Walmart Great Value frozen corn- very good. The last two times we've had corn Brooke and Matt have commented on how good it is. Maybe we just got a better batch than usual?

Great Value cereal bars (the generic version of Nutri Grains). We have decided these are better than Nutri Grain b/c they have more filling. However, the generic version of the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty granola bar is NOT better...it is drier and almost seems stale.

I would steer clear of generic hot dogs. Several years ago I bought the OHSE brand of hot dogs (they were cheap!), and I think it is one of about 3 times that we ended up following through with the "if it sucks we'll order pizza" concept. Seriously- they were like hot dog flavored marshmallows. Yuck Yuck Yuck.

Generic refrigerated crescent roll dough-- not as good as pillsbury. They don't unroll as well, they tear, don't hold their triangle shape.

Generic chocolate chips seem to be just as good as nestle and I'm a little irritated that Walmart doesn't carry generic anymore!

Daisy brand cottage cheese is gross compared to the Hi-land brand.

Generic bread and buns go stale faster.

Kraft Ranch dressing is not nearly as good as Hidden Valley Ranch.

Generic tylenol and ibuprofen and saline work just as well as the regular stuff!

Last summer we discovered an awesome two-part (wet dry) marinade for steak. It is called Daddy Hinkles, and it is about $10. Ridiculously expensive for someone who doesn't even like to splurge on name brand 57 sauce, but it is the best marinade ever. I'm not sure walmart carries it, but if you can find it at Dillons (usually near the bottom shelf) or if your meat market carries it-- it is wonderful wonderful wonderful. You can buy one-time use individual bags of it for about $2 to try it out....a good way to spread out the expense too.

So.... what are you 100% brand loyal to? Do you prefer to buy generic?

I could almost go through our walmart and get our usual staples with my eyes closed. Do you realize if I had to write out a grocery store list for Matt how much more specific I'd have to be? Listing brands, sizes, etc. What would they do without us?!

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Michelle said...

We're definitely a generics house, by choice. At the grocery store that means lots of Kroger brand items - cereals, frozen vegetables (when not rationing) and dairy products. I also like that Dillon's now carries several generic organic options. And the Target brand of toilet paper is my most favorite TP evah. Better than the high-price stuff because it's just as good but at a reasonable price.