Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tree Decorating and Favorite Ornaments

This post is a little delayed considering the fact that we started decorating for Christmas the first week of November.

It was fun having the girls help us with the ornaments on the tree in the family room.

Notice how they got several ornaments on one branch. There was a little rearranging done after they went to bed.

My absolute favorite ornament in this entire house is this one:

Kind of ties it all together doesn't it? Love it.
On the family room tree one of my favorites is this one:

It's a Small World
These were made by some lady when Matt was about Brooke's age. His mom is a Wizard of Oz fan. When asked who the lady was Matt says "I don't know, but she was old back then!". Old lady, whoever you are, we still love these ornaments. Hannah looks at them and says "pretty!".

There are so many ornaments in this house it is hard to show all our favorites.
And here are a few pictures of my Santa collection up on the mantle:

Soon I will post a tour-de-trees for your viewing pleasure.
In the meantime, have fun and drive safe whilst out finishing up your Christmas shopping!

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