Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - A year in review and pictures...

I used to write myself a letter at the end of every year, reflecting on the year past and jotting down my hopes for the year ahead. I have no idea where any of those letters are now... but I thought I'd continue the tradition through my blog. (Will I remember to do this next year? Not likely).

2009 seems to have gone by in a flash. As usual our January was pretty quiet, which is always nice.
Valentine's was pretty quiet too, but at least I don't wear all black on Valentine's day like I used to when I was single in college. My friend Kristen and I did that a year or two, and we avoided the post office at all costs because we didn't want to see all the damned flowers that everyone else got! But we took some pictures this year, and we probably made heart shaped sugar cookies, but honestly I don't remember:
My girls and I.

Daddy and Hannah
Gma and her girls
February brought Hannah's first birthday. My baby turned one.
My last baby turned one.

In March of 2009 Brooke's Pre-K class had career week. I went and talked about being a travel agent and handed out Mickey Mouse stickers. One day they were to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grew up. Brooke "just wants to be married" so we dressed her up like a bride. Her little buddy Ian wanted to "be a dad" so he borrowed a stroller and babydoll from Brooke for the day. At the end of school, Brooke came walking out of school pushing the stroller and baby in her wedding dress. She went to school a bride and came home a mommy. It was quite funny:

In April, my big girl turned 5. We fretted about the weather the weekend of her party, but all ended up going well. She celebrated with some of her favorite friends:
her favorite boys were there too, but somehow I did not get a picture of her with them!

May brought a fabulous trip (blogged about back then) with Matt's parents and some dear friends. It was a week of wonderful memories, including Hannah's first visit to Magic Kingdom, a perfect day at the beach, a purchase of Disney Vacation Club ownership, a 7 day Disney Cruise, and all around happiness. It also brought my 33rd birthday and Matt's 34th, but we won't dwell on that.

Shortly after our big trip, we trekked up to Iowa for a quick visit. We went to Red Oak for my 15 year reunion which was so much fun! We took the girls to their first parade-the Junction Days parade which is really just a long line of fire trucks, cool cars, and hayracks with class reunion groups on them! It was fun seeing old friends though! After that we went to Indianola for a visit to my mom and stepdads.

A week after my class reunion, my BFF and my cousin and I met some friends at the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT!! It was so much fun!! I screamed like a teenager and couldn't talk the next day!

In July we said goodbye to our wonderful friends the Barnes Family. They were the ones who went on our trip with us, and they moved to Germany (air force). We were so sad, still are, and can't wait for them to get back to the states.

Also in July, my baby brother and his wife became parents to sweet baby boy Brayton Joe. I finally became an Aunt!!! He is so precious:

August brought Matt and I's 10 year anniversary! HA to anyone who thought we wouldn't make it ;) Pretty good for meeting on the internet, huh? I had always hoped we'd take a big fabulous trip for our 10 year anniversary...but since we took a big fabulous family trip in May, it wasn't in the budget financially or vacation-time wise! to Vegas we went for a quick weekend trip. Our first trip away together since we had kids! Yikes! That is too long! I hope to get a weekend away like that at least once a year now, I think both us and our marriage deserves it! Anyways--Vegas was fun...

A week or two after we got back, we were sending our big girl off to kindergarten. A hard adjustment for us all, especially since a) it was all-day kindergarten and b) she was going to be riding the BUS. Fortunately I can now say that we are all enjoying the all-day kg thing, and she gets MAD on the days that I pick her up and she can't ride the bus home! So both hurdles successfully crossed by all!
Getting ready to head to Meet your Teacher night:

Above-first day of school- I took her that day

First day riding the bus-- possibly the toughest day of the whole year!

About a week after school started, I took off to Iowa for a quick weekend to meet my sweet nephew. I stayed with mom and Brad, and spent a nice long Saturday with Ryan, Megan, and Brayton. I couldn't get enough of the little sweetie:

It was reported to me that Brooke was devastated when she got off the bus and found out I was gone for the weekend. But we all survived!

September was a month of adjusting and getting settled into a routine with school. Matt has been busy working on his pilot's license all year. October brought a visit from Ryan, Meg, and Brayton, a fun Halloween, and a fun Halloween party at school.
November went by in a flash- we were busy trying to get all our Christmas decor up, and preparing for guests. Mom and Brad were here Thanksgiving weekend, Dad and Diane the week after. We hosted a few gatherings, spent time with friends, and then poof! Christmas came and went and here I am. Honestly most of November and December was a complete blur.

Hannah thru the year:
January, February, March
April, May and June
July, August, September

October, November, December

Brooke thru the year:
January, February, March
April, May, June

July, August, September
October, November, December

2009 for me could be described so many different ways; a year of joy and happy memories, a year of adjustment, a year of developing more compassion and love for those in a harder place than myself, a year I started reading blogs and blogging, a year of trying to let go of old friendships and a year of embracing new ones, a year of being desperately thankful for the friends I have and other days wondering if I have any friends at all (does everyone have days like that?). A year where sometimes I prayed more than ever, and other times where I should have been praying a whole lot more. In 2009 I soaked up the moments with my children, but sometimes craved a little break (or a padded room for myself). In 2009 I found more grey hairs than I found in 2008. In 2009 I think the scale went the wrong direction but I'm afraid to check.

That all being said, what is it that I hope for in the upcoming year? I hope that I might find a way to use my resourcefulness to help others more. I hope that Brooke's asthma will decrease as she (hopefully) starts to grow out of it. I hope that I will be as disciplined as I need to be to make some lifestyle changes (again) to start on a road to weight-loss that I can handle travelling continuously. I hope for a healthy year. I hope for some more snow. I hope I will be a better wife, mommy, and follower of Jesus. I hope I will spend more time reading the Bible, and sharing the love of Jesus with others. I hope new friendships will develop into great ones. And selfishly, I hope that I will feel loved daily by my family and friends. A lot of my self-worth comes from feeling loved by others- and I hope in turn they will feel loved by me.

And as always- I will continue to hope for a winning Powerball ticket.
Happy New Year everyone. May God bless you everyday in 2010.


Michelle said...

Nice post, Angie. I swear, you guys have two of the most beautiful, photogenic girls! Maybe we can be motivational buddies for getting the scale to go in the right direction this year!

tke said...

Great post. Looks like you had a wonderful year. May 2010 bring even more happiness and togetherness!